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Percy's Secrets - Part 2: Hello 2017-01-08 03:34:43 
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The first thing I notice about him is that I feel a strange, almost vibrating, sensation in my stomach. I don’t know what inspired me to greet him, to introduce myself. I don’t know why i would put myself in a position that might inspire someone to ask questions. Those questions of what did you do today or what  you just came back from or what’s in the bag.


The second thing I notice about him is his lanky figure. He doesn’t see to be the athletic type but he’s definitely in the sun given the number freckles on his face and arms. His name is Sigmund and he is pleased to meet me.


He’s just moving in today. He makes small talk. I, without thinking, tell him that my room is next door and he can ask me anything anytime. I don’t realize I’ve said this until I close my door behind me.


My bag slips from my hand with a light thud onto the floor. My lights are off, my curtain is wide open and I can see the soccer field and the rest of the world getting bathed in orange sunset light. I take a breath after a moment of panicking and put my outfit away in my closet. I close my curtains check that my door is closed and locked and strip.


Another thing I don’t want anyone to know about me, is that the dresses aren’t the only girl’s clothes that I wear. When my pants are off, my shirt is on my bed, i stand in the center of my room in no more than panties and a cupless bra.


I stand next to my door, so close I can almost touch it and close my eyes. I listen to the sounds of the building and I amagine what it looks like. Occasional, distant footsteps, sure, but there is the rustle of bags and boxes next door.


I can’t imagine Sigmund’s movements very well. I open my eyes to see the door in front of me. I turn and get dressed again. After a minute or two, I leave my room. I stop at Sigmund’s room and ask if he wants to go get dinner.


He follows me to the cafeteria and, for a change, I’m sitting with someone and not just among someone. We talk a bit. He asks about some of the rules and policies. I ask him about where he’s coming from.  I find out that he’s into drama and theatre and I let him know there is a theatre club that’s always looking from members.


We go back to our rooms once we finish eating. At some point I must have mentioned that I play the piano. He tells me he love to hear me play sometime. As much as I could expect that from someone, it gives me butterflies to hear him say that.


Back in my room, I sit at my desk. I start writing a letter to my sister. I let her know I’m fine. I write how I’ve been and that I’m making a friend. I writer her a thank you. I keep the letter short. I seal it in an envelope ready to be sent off tomorrow. I do a little reading, and think about my music to kill time before going to bed.


As I lay awake, I wonder how much my routine is going to change because of someone wanting to be around me. What if he wants to come into my room? What if he sees something I don’t want to show? Will he ever find out? Can I have a friend like this?


I wake up before I realize I’ve slept. I get dressed and begin my routine as usual. I gather my clothes and my papers. I step out of my room and look at Sigmund’s door. His light is off, the door closed. Like everyone else he must still be asleep. As I begin to walk, I see his light come on under his door.


The rest of my morning continues as it always has. I practice, I eat, I go to classes. During lunch period i eat quickly so I can be outside away from the noisy cafeteria. I sit on the fountain setting my bookbag down on the ground. I close my eyes and listen. I listen to a couple of boys chatting about nothing, I listen to the water in the fountain.


In my reverie as music starts to fill my head footsteps entirely out of sync with my thoughts force me to open my eyes. I look to see Sigmund smiling at me. I smile back and greet him. He tells me he’s been looking for me for a while and that he wanted to eat his lunch with me. I shrug and tell him I don’t really care to be in the cafeteria with the noise.


We sit quietly for a few moments before he asks me if I’m busy. I raise an eyebrow before looking at him as he suggests that I should play something for him on the piano. There is still time during the break so I oblige him and lead him to the theater hall. Inside, on the stage is the grand piano.


I ask him what he would like to hear and, of course, he says anything is fine. I sit at the keys and he takes a seat in the front row. I close my eyes and let my hands hover momentarily before starting Debussy’s Arabesque #1.


I let myself drift with the music. I let my body sway and move with the movements of the music. In my head lights are shining down on me. The theatre is filled with people quietly watching my performance. I feel the ivory keys smoothly carry each note. The sound fills my ears. I feel my mouth stretch into a smile as my fingers continue to play the song.


As I play the final notes, I let the silence fill my ears before I hear the sound of applause in my head, my eyes still closed. As the applause in my head fades I still hear clapping I open my eyes to the empty theatre save for one standing and clapping. I stand a take a bow for Sigmund, my smile still wide.


We leave and we talk. We walk to the same classroom and then we sit next to each other. Evidently, his next class is the same as mine. The day continues and then it’s time to go to clubs. He follows me to the theater hall this time to talk to the drama club director. I proceed into a back part of the theatre hall and ask if they need any help with rehearsals. Im given some sheet music that will be needed for their next play and I go to a music room to practice.


After two hours and a couple of breaks, I pack up the music and my stuff. Before I know it Friday evening is here and I’m thinking about what outfit I will wear tomorrow. As I pass Sigmund’s room He stops me and my train of thought to ask what I’m doing tomorrow.


I freeze. I hadn’t thought about this part. I blurt out that I will be going off campus. He asks more questions. I tell him I’m going to practice my piano playing. With a private instructor. And then hanging out with my sister for the rest of the day.


He wanted to hang out with me tomorrow. I’m kind of sad that he wanted to be with me tomorrow and I had to decline.


The next day, at the mall, as I’ve drawn a crowd, and finish one song, and open my eyes to see all who have heard me play, as my fingers hover over the keys to play something else. I see him there, in the crowd, smiling his mile, clapping his hands, staring right at me.


What have I done?


Percival meets the new guy. How will he proceed now that someone is going to get close to him?

    • 2017-01-10 10:57:16
      Looking forward to chapter 3 :)
    • 2017-01-18 06:52:02
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