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commission sale
Full Shading Sale (Update! More slots added!) 2017-01-11 03:08:14 
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I don't think there's a journal function here so I'll put this pic here

•Same rules as my regular commissions, you know the drill: http://fav.me/d9rznje

  • There are only 3 slots for halfbody and 3 slots for fullbody at a time. Message me through tumblr messaging or one of my other websites to get a slot.
  • I’ll update this post when all slots are taken. If a slot gets opened up, this post will be updated.
  • Single characters only, backgrounds will cost extra.
  • Sale ends January 15th.
  • Stop looking at the penis censor

Update! I'm adding 4 extra slots to save up to go back home!

•2 extra halfbody slots available!

•2 extra fullbody slots available!