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alternate mythology
Goddamn Loki 2017-09-06 10:21:21
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Alright kiddos, don't go Ape
It's just filler art cos I was working on my comic for tomorrow all day and decided SOME art was better than NO art.

This is Loki from S.A.W.D
That in itself won't make much sense, unless you've read Gaz's backstory and seen this magical monkey basically harass Gaz everytime he tries to be badass.
In the mythology of planet Urbious (the planet Gaz, Emily, Kim and Jazz live on) this is the transmuted form Azreal gives Loki after he basically Judas Iscariot's Odin and all the people of Azreal's kingdom.
Since he was a tricky monkey in life, Azreal gave him the form of a monkey until he learned to serve under Odin and help them rebuild Valhalla, Loki is the Chaotic Neutral and would sooner stuff banana peels in Odin's empty eye sockets... but Odin is the literal God of Death, and fucking with Odin indirectly by hindering Gaz's progress is his way of getting back at The Man, man.

It's complicated and I could waste hours explaining the whole backstory, but basically Odin wants his horse back, which Loki released and Gaz is tasked to return it cos the humans trapped it's soul and are using it as a power source. Personally I'd offer the monkey up as a straight swap...

Can't say much more cos of spoilers.

Please enjoy this cheeky lil monkey. He's supposed to have darker fur, but I was using crayons to colour him. Looks too much like Curious George. I dunno.

Loki Sapien is (c) Gaz TV inc.
Owned by me
Art by me

    • 2017-09-12 14:09:36
      You like the Monkie?
    • 2017-09-13 10:41:24
      He deserves a spanking tbh. ¬_¬
    • 2017-09-13 13:26:22
      Re: wolfie66d
      *I give a spanking to the cute monkey*
    • 2017-09-15 06:39:30
      *he screeches wildly with every spank, flailing his arms and legs trying to escape to no avail*
    • 2017-09-15 13:18:29
      Re: wolfie66d
      Spanking more stronger