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sea creature
Lucky Day - Emily + Urb 2017-09-08 11:46:04
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Whoah, gosh! I'm so late with the upload tonight. I actually fell asleep cos I had a long day today I was biking around for hours, I dunno how far I went but my thighs feel like lead. Exercise is good tho.

So, about the pic.... I wondered if I could try incorporate the Merkips into Emily's backstory as they don't get a lot of screen time but they exist within the world at present (I don't know if Urb would be alive during Emily's age, time is more of a human construct and as Urb and his people live under the sea they don't have months they barely have seasons. They wouldn't have years the way humans regard them... so would a Merkip know it's 2014 for the land dwellers? They technically exist outside of time, I could fit them anywhere. But I'd wager Merkips don't live as long as Dracos and Elfins so the concern is if Emily meets Urb then nobody else before her time or after her can meet him. So the question is is THIS pic canon?

Reason why I want Emily to have met a Merkip is cos in the world Emily is from Merkips are thought to be lucky (and tasty) and people rarely see them on the surface cos they hide in a sunken city to avoid becoming soup.
Urb is the one who sneaks off to the beach to play with young humans, but the luck Merkips bring isn't just superstition, they're magical so I wanted Emily to have at least had contact with a Merkip in her backstory to explain her magical prowess (neither of her parents are Magi as far as she knows so she thinks she got her powers from a Merkip) so Emily would attend MceU for training on how to control her powers because she would be the first in her family to possess such a gift.

Emily and Urb are (c) Gaz TV inc. 98
Created by my
Art by me

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