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Hiccears.com is a free-to-use online platform created in 2015 with the goal of helping digital content creators build their community by providing a multitude of ways to distribute their content to a global audience with the addition of also being able to sell their products without any of the hassles that come with selling creations to buyers outside of the content creator's country by using its own proprietary and centralized currency.

One of the founding principals of Hiccears is freedom of speech and the ability to share your creations regardless of its message or intent as long as it falls within the purview of what is legal in Spain, the country the servers are hosted in. With a filtering system in place to prevent users from seeing anything they don't wish to see, and more robust features planned in the future, creators will be able to find fans that share the same interests as them while simultaneously users of the site will be able to filter out content they don't want to see in order to allow all users of the site to feel comfortable. The same filtering system is used to prevent minors from seeing content specifically made for an adult audience, and to protect users from seeing content deemed illegal in the country they reside in.

Currently, the website mainly serves as an online gallery, with the ability to download an entire set of images with the click of a button. It was also built with functionality to share stories and other text, with an expanded array of future functionality, planned and in development. Both images and texts may be shared freely or sold at a price set at the discretion of the creator.