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~ Intro ~

I'm Zuke and I enjoy writing shota stories from time to time.

If you've already read some of what I've published, you should know already what kind of stories I prefer to write, but, just in case you haven't then I'll go ahead and say it:

I'm a huge geek and nerd and I love stuff like History (particularly ancient history) & Mythology (particularly Greek Mythology). when it comes to stories (be they literature or otherwise) I tend to favor the action/adventure, high fantasy as well as Urban Fantasy the most, so basically your typical shonen stuff if you will...

~ Faves ~

Favorite Anime (Franchise/IP): Saint Seiya.

Favorite Western Comic book: Batman (& the Batfamily as a whole but especially Damian, which should not come as a surprise in a site like this, John Kent's Superboy is also quite adorable).

Favorite Animated Films: Coco & Big Hero 6

Favorite VideoGame (franchise/IP): Final Fantasy (particularly VIII, XIV & XV, but I do like them all).


~ I do take requests and/or prompts! ~

if there's something you'd like to see, do feel free to contact me and we can discuss it, wherever if it's on one of my stories or as a separate short prompt...

Joined since 2016-02-24
Submissions 10
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Followers 22
Following 49
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