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Dense Character teasers 2018-01-04 19:40:51
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The first post of 2018, and I choose to tease you all mercilessly.


For the past month or so we at team Dense( NpcBurner, xierra099, and Dravenloso) have been hard at work preparing for the many great things we can do in 2018. That said the first batch of things isn't done yet, so these silhouettes are all you get to see for now, but I can at least tell you guys what's coming up.


If you haven't noticed yet, these silhouettes look different then the last posted refs, that's because the kids got updated. From Joseph to Brittany, everyone's got some change but worry not, they're still the kids you all know and love.


Some of you will also notice there are three more kids up there. Yeah, somehow the cast has grown to a now standing 12(with at least one cameo character hiding somewhere), so now there's a little more to love.


And lastly, the second Q&A batch is coming! Ever been curious about Alex, Brittany, Carmen, Catherine, George, or Zoe? Well, get ready to learn a little something(and get the obligatory fanservice.


Other then that there are some scripts waiting in teh wings to be comicfied, and new ones being written so all in all expect some fun things in the coming weeks and months. ^_^

    • 2018-01-07 14:10:57
      cool. will there by any mouse/tail tfs? XD
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