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Halloween is on Friday the 13th 2018-10-31 18:40:04
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A Happy Halloween to everyone from team Dense! Like I mentioned in the last post I was on hiatus this month, so we can all thank Draven for keeping the Holiday Spirit alive(while I just go around trolling people on YGOPro with Ghostricks)- NPCBurner


"Seems complete not Jason has shown up on the island and..taken Alex's head and chasing the other campers, let's just hope that someone catches them...or that its a prank



Happy Halloween everyone!-Draven"


I made the title.- Rori


I could not be reached for comments, now leave me alone I got spooky loli's to make.- Xierra099


Creator: NPCBurner

Artist: xierra099

Mind behind the pic: DravenLoso

Best Boy: Rorian

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