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Training 2020-03-05 16:32:15
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Jon even wears his favourite anime headband...

    • 2020-03-06 07:40:43
      Damian's Face be like "I dont know if i should be worried or aroused" xD hes probabpy nboth, But Oh wait until Mom finds his scrapped clothes, Therw will be words and no superman can help him xD. She getting that Kriptonite chancla right off the bat (sorry my mexican mixing in with the chancla there lol)
    • 2020-03-10 09:50:22
      Re: OtterTheAuthor
      Done but still loving him
    • 2020-03-05 16:35:43
      While Lois and Clark probably taught him not to play with sharp stuff, I can totally see Jon growing more and more reckless after spending time with Damian. Also him freaking out after he notices what he did to his clothes and how mad his mom is gonna get.
    • 2020-03-07 15:52:31
      im sure he takes full advantage of his super strength to carry out dangerous task
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